About 100%FitGym (English)


100%FitGym is a fitness center specialized in CrossFit and small group training. The gym is based in Best (nearby Eindhoven) at Knooppunt Batadorp and therefore also called ‘CrossFit Batadorp’. We believe in a personal approach to help you become the best and fittest version of yourself and grow in strength.

100%FitGym offers a wide variety of more than 100 classes every month (check out the class schedule). Just pick the timeslot that suits you and start working out! We also enable members access to the gym 24/7, allowing anyone to get a workout at any time of the day.

Interested in using our gym? The 24/7 access is for members only, so please first contact Marly, owner of 100%Fitgym: marly@100fitgym.nl or +31 6 3947 4527.

Why 100%Fitgym?

  • 24/7 access to our gym for fitness, with a maximum of 4-8 persons per hour, so you have all the space you need
  • High quality material in the gym
  • Personal approach and community feeling
  • Specialized in CrossFit and strength training
  • Classes with a maximum of 10 people
  • A lot of variation in the team workouts
  • Nutrition and lifestyle support

What do we offer?

We provide a wide range of team workouts and activities, such as:

  •  CrossFit: become the fittest version of yourself with a combination of weight lifting, athletics, and gymnastics.
  • Weight lifting: focuses on power and strength by lifting heavy weights, with specific focus on the right technique to make the work-out as effective as possible and to avoid injuries.
  • Gymnastics: improve your skills and build strength, mobility, and flexibility. This is mostly done by using your own body weight, like with pull-ups, handstand, etc.
  • Functional training: full body work-out, lower intensity than in a CrossFit work-out, more focus on weight training. Improves your endurance, power, and speed.
  • Bootcamp: outdoors group training with a nice dose of fun.
  • BoksFit: learn boxing techniques and effectively improve your health.
  • Hyrox: Conditioning training to train for a Hyrox competition, for more information about HYROX google Hyrox Nederland.

Curious to learn more or interested in a free trial lesson?
Contact Marly, owner of 100%Fitgym, via marly@100fitgym.nl or +31 6 3947 4527.


Want to come by for a free trial?

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